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Pricing & Legal Fees

couple consulting with Epstein Law Firm about divorce proceedings


30 minutes - $99.00

Attorney Jacqueline Epstein will meet and discuss the legal issues in your matter, the possible strategies to approach your case, and discuss representation. Please note that both parties must attend the appointment for mediation services. 

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Legal Representation Fees

The hourly rate for legal representation and advisory services with Epstein Law Firm is $359 per hour and is calculated in fifteen-minute intervals. Legal advice given to an individual, and not both parties in mediation, is billed at the legal representation rate. Epstein Law Firm offers several flat rate packages including uncontested divorce and coparent coaching. Please see rates and packages when booking your appointment.

Epstein Law Firm negotiating divorce settlement
Handshake during mediation session with epstein law firm

Mediation and Communication

Mediation and communication intervention is available in a 2-hour bundle with preparation of the mediation agreement for $550. Additional mediation hours are billed at the hourly rate of $295 per hour. A mediation agreement is included at the end of all mediation sessions. Mediation and communication intervention must include both parties and does not include legal advice given to a single individual .

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