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  • Meet and discuss your case with Jacqueline Epstein

    30 min

    99 US dollars
  • 2 hour CoParent Coaching

    2 hr

    500 US dollars
  • Includes 2 hours of mediation and draft of mediation agreement/ consen...

    2 hr

    550 US dollars
  • Orleans or Jefferson Parish only. Includes court costs and waiver of s...

    5 hr

    1,500 US dollars
  • Lifelong Frenemies: A Guide to Transitioning from Perfection to Civili...

    Loading days...

    21.99 US dollars
  • Draft Prenuptial Agreement

    5 hr

    1,200 US dollars
  • Jacqueline Epstein's Breakup Coaching Course

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    249 US dollars
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