Parent and child holding hands after child custody agreement was finalized by Epstein Law Firm


Epstein Law Firm can help parents find solutions to coparenting and custody disputes. Whether both parents share similar parenting goals or seek the help of the Courts to determine their custody arrangements, Epstein Law Firm can help. As an attorney, Ms. Epstein has the legal knowledge and understanding of the Court procedures necessary to navigate the child custody and child support journey. As a mediator and coparenting author, Ms. Epstein strives to negotiate and provide innovative solutions to parenting disputes to avoid costly and lengthy litigation. 

Customized Parenting Agreements 

Attorney Jacqueline Epstein is a trained mediator and author focusing her practice on finding amicable solutions to co-parenting partnerships. In parenting situations, Ms. Epstein strives to customize parenting arrangements that work for your family, Through negotiation and careful attention to the needs of each individual client, many child custody cases taken by Ms. Epstein can be resolved without the need to go to Court. Each parent and child have unique time, education, and work situations that can be tailored to fit their practical daily needs. Ms. Epstein has over a decade of experience helping parents craft innovative solutions to their co-parenting goals. Ms. Epstein's philosophy is that no person knows their child better than the parents and with skilled negotiation and open communication, families can thrive by entering a customized parenting agreement.