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Epstein Law Firm helping mediate tense divorce settlement


Epstein Law Firm offers a holistic approach to couples seeking privacy and peace in their separation process. For couples wishing to split without a lengthy and often public breakup, Ms. Epstein can serve as a neutral third party to facilitate communications and provide innovative solutions when there is a roadblock in respectful break-up planning. Ms. Epstein can also assist in memorializing agreements in writing and can work with you to ensure that your separation fits your family's needs.

Peaceful Resolutions

While your journey together as a romantic partnership may be at its end, Ms. Epstein can help both partners move forward in a respectful and productive environment where each partner and their children can thrive. Ms. Epstein believes that the transition from coupled partnership to self partnership can be smooth where both partners seek to communicate in a respectful and accepting manner. Please indicate when booking that you are seeking mediation services and Ms. Epstein will coordinate dates for an appointment with both parties to ensure neutrality and fairness to both individuals. 

Ms. Epstein has over a decade of experience assisting couples transition out of their romantic partnerships peacefully. As the author of Lifelong Frenemies: A Guide to Transitioning from Perfection to Civility and Getting Along with your Co-Parent , Ms. Epstein helps couples resolve disputes related to co-parenting, including child support disputes, involvement of relatives and new partners, managing two household parenting structures and other co-parenting issues that arise during and after separation. Ms. Epstein also assists with negotiating of financial issues, family travel planning and communication barriers by offering resources to families needing assistance with separation details. Mediation offers customized solutions to family and emotional issues that arise within the new dual family structure. 


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