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Woman signing divorce papers drawn up by Epstein Law Firm

Conscious Uncoupling & Divorce

Epstein Law Firm has assisted clients in obtaining both contested and uncontested divorces for over a decade. Through respectful communication, clients can tailor an individualized divorce agreement and keep their private family matters out of the public record. 

Amicable Co-Parenting & Child Custody

Epstein Law Firm works with clients to create a custody plan that works for every family structure. We craft custody agreements to meet your family's unique needs, considering each individual's time constraints, your child(ren)'s best interests, and your parenting goals. 

parent and child holding hands after child custody agreement was finalized
Epstein Law Firm helping mediate divorce settlement

Communication, Intervention, &

Epstein Law Firm assists clients to resolve disputes without litigation. Through mediation, families can communicate their goals respectfully and restructure their family unit clearly and effectively.

International Family Law

Epstein Law Firm manages issues related to dual citizenship parents and children. Jacqueline Epstein has managed cases involving the Hague and has addressed clients facing issues involving  International and Transnational custody and marriage contracts.

father returning to home overseas after finalizing international child custody agreement with the help of Epstein Law Firm
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