Top Ten Items to Bring to a Divorce Consultation.

Top Ten Items to Bring to a Divorce Consultation.

There are several issues that attorneys consider when determining the best course of action in a Louisiana divorce case. It is best to provide as much information as possible to an attorney during the initial consultation so that there is a complete understanding of the facts of your case. All information discussed with a lawyer related to your legal rights is confidential. This is a list of the top 10 items to bring to an initial consultation for divorce in New Orleans:

  1. Marriage Certificate, or date and place of the marriage
  2. Birth certificates for all children born or adopted by both parties
  3. Mortgage statements for any property owned by the spouses or purchased during the marriage
  4. Judgments or collection documents from creditors
  5. Copies of bank statements
  6. Prior 3 years tax documents
  7. Tuition, extracurricular activities and other child related expense bills and documentation
  8. Information about your family vehicles, including make, model and year as well as remaining balances on auto loans
  9. Credit card statements
  10. Any Retirement Benefits or Employee Benefit Account information

Additional items may be necessary and this list is not exhaustive of every financial item relevant in a divorce proceeding. At the time of the consultation, a lawyer may request that you provide additional items at a later time. For more information about obtaining a divorce in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, or to learn more about Epstein Law Firm, please visit our website @

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