Divorce and Child Custody Alternative Approaches

Divorce and Child Custody Alternative Approaches


Can parties obtain a divorce without becoming adversarial? Mediating your divorce and child custody dispute offers the parties an opportunity to work out the details of their dispute outside of court. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where the parties decide the terms of their divorce and custody agreement with the help of a neutral third party mediator. At the end of mediation, matters agreed to during mediation may be entered into a consent judgment, creating an enforceable legal document. The mediation environment also offers the parties:

  1. Some autonomy in crafting their divorce and custody order in a manner that benefits their individual needs.
  2. The opportunity to resolve the dispute in a friendly and amicable manner.
  3. An opportunity to address emotional issues that may not be relevant at trial.
  4. Emotional closure that helps the couple remain cordial for the benefit of their children.
  5. Better communication abilities that can enhance future co-parenting communications.

All lawyers at Epstein Law Firm are also trained mediators. To find out if your case is a good candidate for mediation or more information on divorce, child custody and mediation, please contact a lawyer.

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