Why Have A Will?

Why Have A Will?

“Where There’s A Will There’s A Way”

When a loved one passes away, inevitably there will be questions about what happens to their estate. Louisiana provides strict intestacy rules about what happens if someone has passed away without a will. However, your loved one can answer the “what now?” questions easily, when they have executed a valid will in advance.

A valid will is, perhaps, among the most important documents you can have. It allows the person to lay out their desires, wishes, and grants neatly on paper. It gives the person control over their assets after they have passed on, and it helps grieving family members reconcile the distribution of the estate. In a will, a person has the ability to control whether their favorite charity gets part of their estate, that a particular person will receive a specific sentimental item from the estate, that someone will get use of the property in the estate without ownership, that a future child is provided for, or even that an estranged potential heir does not inherit part of the estate. A will gives control whereas the failure to have a valid will leaves the estate to Louisiana’s strict intestacy rules.

The best way to ensure that the estate that you have worked so hard to build is distributed as you wish is to execute a valid will. For more information about wills, contact a lawyer.

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