Photos and Insurance Claims

Photos and Insurance Claims

When you have damage from a storm, hurricane, flood or other catastrophe occurs, you may be overwhelmed about where to start the repair process. Advance preparation is key to utilizing your insurance coverage.

Insurance policies outline the requirements for submission of a proof of loss. Almost invariably photographs of the property both before and after the damage are important parts of that proof of loss. If you take steps in advance to photograph all of you property, including detailed photographs showing the color, condition, brand names, special features, and serial numbers of all items, then you will be ready to provide the necessary proof of loss.

After the damage occurs, it is important take additional photographs of all damaged property as soon as practicable. Photographs really can tell a thousand words. The photographs should clearly show the damaged condition of the product and preferably would be date stamped.

Providing a log of before and after pictures to your insurance company as part of a proof of loss can help expedite the claims process. Combined with receipts for the damaged items, photographs can help substantiate the value of the damaged items and the costs of replacement. A little planning up-front can help you when disaster strikes.

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